Karting race suits

Why do you need a specific suit to go karting? Well, the answer is simply; safety. Kart suits are made from up to 3 layers of hard wearing materials which offer resistance to abrasion. Something a cotton overall or your favourite hoody won’t do. These qualities protect your skin should you be thrown out during a race or practice. Most of the kart racing suits we offer meet the latest CIK-FIA regulations which specify that it must have more protection in vulnerable areas. Karting suits should not be confused with race suits, which are flame retardant whereas kart suits are not.

Ensuring you are protected doesn’t have to mean you can’t look good out on the track. We have dozens of different design and colour options from the World’s leading brands; Sparco, OMP, Alpinestars and Puma, so you can be sure to find the right suit for your taste.

With so many kart classes aimed at younger drivers (such as Cadet and Bambino) most suits are available in specific sizes for children. Kids sizes are determined by the overall height (from head to toe) of the child.

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