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Everyday footwear is inadequate for riding a motorcycle, so a good pair of motorcycle boots are vital for riders. They’re designed to take abuse from the elements and rigours of riding, but also offer valuable protection to your feet, ankles and even lower leg in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Motorcycle boots have a heavily reinforced toe box, heel and in many cases, reinforced sole all designed to minimise and even prevent crush injuries that can occur when feet or legs become trapped under the bike during an accident or fall. Also, many boots feature weatherproof linings such as Gore-Tex, etc. meaning you’re kept warm and dry should the weather suddenly change.

Today’s range of boot styles is immense – covering all riding disciplines and budgets, all you need to do is decide which suits your style of riding the best!

Boots generally designed for sports bikes are a full-length design offering shin/lower leg protection with more external protection around the heel, ankle, shin and toe box areas, plus replaceable toe sliders to prevent the boot from wearing through during aggressive cornering.

Touring motorcycle boots offer equally high levels of rider protection however they are usually less flashy with less external reinforcement and lack of toe sliders - as the riding style is generally less aggressive and the boots protection subtly hidden.

Adventure boots are like a beefed-up sports boot with external protection, robust buckle fasteners and all-terrain soles. Designed for the aggressive conditions associated with this discipline.

Finally, Urban style boots – These ankle height boots still offer great rider protection with reinforced heel, ankle and toe boxes, but they’re casually styled and can be worn all-day either on or off the bike.

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