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Flip Up Motorcycle Helmets

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The flip-front motorcycle helmet design is the most versatile helmet design on the market. Sitting comfortably between full face and open face categories, it provides the ‘best of’ both worlds - whether you’re a rider of the touring, commuting or sports bike persuasion.

All our flip-front helmets are ECE 22.05 approved, with more and more models also featuring dual ‘P and J homologation’ which allows them to be ridden with the flip front in the open or closed position. ‘P’ homologation means the helmet can be used in the closed/full face position and ‘J’ Homologation means the helmets can be used in the jet style/open face position).

The flip-front helmet is constantly evolving to offer the wearer the highest levels of protection. From multiple shell sizes and the latest Multi-Composite Fibres used in construction, to additional benefits such as intercom readiness, removeable linings, drop down sun visors and pinlocks, you can be sure of a high strength/light weight shell that helps to reduce neck fatigue on longer journeys and provide a safer riding experience.

However, as always with helmets whatever the features/benefits, the safest helmet you can buy will always be the best fitting – a top of the range helmet is no good if it doesn’t fit properly! So always try as many different styles, brands as possible to get the best possible fit.

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