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About Motorsport Race & Track Day Helmets

Helmets are compulsory for almost all forms of motorsport and with good reason. A helmet is designed for the sole purpose of protecting your head in the event of a crash. Even in a closed cockpit car your head could easily hit the roll cage, door glass, roof or steering wheel.
The outer part of a helmet is usually made up of a laminate of GRP, Kevlar or carbon to provide a tough shell which can deform to absorb impact. By using materials such as Kevlar and Carbon fibre, modern helmets can be kept to a low weight yet still maintain very high levels of protection.
There are two main designs of crash helmet, open face helmets and full face helmets. Open face helmets offer a better range of vision but give no protection to the chin and are generally only suitable for use in closed cockpit cars. Full face helmets offer better all round protection and with the addition of a visor, are suitable for use in open cockpit cars. Most full face helmets have a vent system to allow air into the helmet which helps prevent the visor from misting up and provides cooling for the wearer.

Demon Tweeks offer a large range of both open face and full face crash helmets designed for motorsport use from World leading brands Arai, Bell, Sparco, OMP, Stilo, Impact racing and Peltor

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