Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Oil Coolers & Accessories
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About Oil Coolers & Accessories

Competition engines usually produce more power and rev higher then their standard equivalent and this can lead to the engine oil becoming too hot and not lubricating properly. The cure for this is to fit an oil cooler. Oil coolers come in a variety of different types with the most common being the air cooled 'radiator' type. These oil coolers are fitted usually at the front of the car so they can receive air flow through them, oil is passed through the cooler via external oil pipes which connect to the engines oil system. The radiator type of oil cooler are available in a range of sizes dependant on how much you need to cool the oil.
Water cooled oil coolers are also used and instead of relying on airflow, like the radiator type of oil cooler, they connect to the vehicles cooling system and use the coolant to keep the oil temperature down. This style of oil cooler is more compact in size and is more commonly used in vehicles where space is a premium.

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