Nobody ever plans to have a crash in motorsport, but should it happen you need to be sure that you are protected. Here at Demon Tweeks we stock a huge range of protective race suits, boots and gloves to suit all competitors, from the occasional club racer to the professional driver. Our range of racewear products are manufactured by the biggest and best names in motorsport racewear, Sparco, Alpinestars, OMP and Puma. All of which have made suits for World champions in all forms of motorsport.

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Race Suits   Race Gloves   Race Boots   Kit Bags & Luggage   Racewear Accessories   Nomex Underwear
Clearance Racewear                    
Clearance Racewear                    
About Racewear

Race suits form an important role in your motorsport outfit and could essentially save your life...
From its humble beginnings of a cotton overall designed to protect the driver from dirt and oil, race suits have evolved over the years to incorporate more safety features to protect the driver not only from dirt and oil, but also from fire and heat. This level of protection comes from modern race suits being manufactured from multi layered fire retardant fabrics such as Nomex or Carbon X. These race suit materials have to be able to resist a flame for a minimum of 11 seconds to obtain the FIA approval required for most levels of motorsport racing suits. This gives the wearer time to escape from the car in the event of a fire.
As the race suit manufacturers continued to develop their products over the years an element of style and comfort began to be incorporated into the race suits. Today it is not uncommon for a race suit to have such features as a moisture wicking inner layer which draws moisture from the wearers body and helps to keep them cool. Also elasticated panels in the lower back and floating arm designs give the wearer greater freedom of movement with much better levels of comfort. The material that the race suit is made from has also been developed and improved to allow the suits to be lighter in weight without compromising the level of protection.

Demon Tweeks are proud to offer a large range of race suits from the worlds best manufacturers such as Sparco, OMP, Alpinestars and Sabelt. With many different colour ways and styles available, including retro designs made from modern fabrics we are confident that we have a race suit which suits your motorsport needs.

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