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***** PERMANENTLY LOW TYRE PRICES ON-LINE ***** AS01 Tyre - High Performance Road

Spirited, sure-footed and sports car oriented, the Yokohama S drive tyre gives you the confidence to extract the very best from your car.

The tread pattern design of the is a result of Yokohama's advanced simulation technology. The innovative Variable Angled Groove that optimises tread contact with the road provides dramatically enhanced road-holding while cornering. The Groove-in-Groove design has resulted in a major advance in the battle to eliminate uneven tyre wear because it allows the pattern block to effectively distribute stress loads even during tight cornering.

To cope with constantly changing road conditions, Yokohama has developed a new Micro Flexible Compound that is responsive to undulations in the road surface at the nano level. The addition of extra silica has further enhanced driving in the wet, while extra polymer has improved performance when it's dry.

Now available in this range are high-diameter, narrow width tyres that are perfect for standard wheel arches. In tandem with the advances of car performance and as a plus for enthusiasts who like to tune their vehicles, select tyres in the range are well-suited to speeds up to the iconic Y-range (187mph - 300km/h). - Going to the limits, coming back for more

Priced each

At Yokohama, creating quality is a corporate principle.

Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. was established in Japan in 1917. Since then, Yokohama has remained at the cutting edge of tyre technology. Yokohama Rubber Company is the seventh largest tyre manufacturer in the world. In the field of high performance tyres, Yokohama is synonymous with superb sports car performance combined with high levels of comfort.

The latest equipment and technology, together with a highly-trained workforce, all form part of a system dedicated to ensuring that Yokohama quality is the world's best. Designed as the definitive in high performance, Yokohama tyres are engineered and built to bring out the best in your car's performance. Precise cornering response, safety, superb traction and feel for the road are just some of the attributes of Yokohama technology.

These elements are achieved through a vigilant balance of design, construction and material selection. Yokohama's leading edge technologies are constantly tested and refined by extensive worldwide motor sport activity.


Yokohama's success on the track gives you superior performance on the road.

The superiority of all Yokohama tyre lines is soundly based. Yokohama is renowned for producing race-winning motor sport tyres whose technology is used to constantly improve the entire Yokohama range. They continue to draw on the know-how accumulated through competing in motor sports at the highest level and apply it to the manufacture and design of tyres for use on every-day production vehicles. 

Yokohama has the widest range of high performance tyres available to suit the individual needs of each and every motorist, so you can be sure there is a tyre to suit your requirements.

Tyre Pressures
Probably the most important thing to check regularly, making sure they are the same as the manufacturers recommendations.

An under inflated tyre can overheat, wear out the shoulders of the tread quickly, puncture easily and give a poor handling car, with slow and heavy steering. An over inflated tyre wears the tread centre faster, can overheat and makes the steering feel light and vague, again giving a poor handling car.

Tyre pressures should be checked when cold and kept to the recommended pressures. We have a large range of tyre pressure gauges, compressors and a tyre pressure monitoring system, so there's no excuse for not checking them regularly ! The most cost effective way to start improving your cars handling.

Speed Rating
All tyres carry a speed symbol in the form of a letter indicating the maximum speed for which the tyre is intended. Below is a speed rating table that shows the maximum speed a tyre is tested to and its corresponding Speed Symbol. These are tested speeds, not recommended speeds. It should be noted that speed ratings only apply to tyres that have not been damaged, altered, under-inflated or overloaded. Most tyre manufacturers state that if the tyre has been cut, punctured or has sustained other damage then it no longer retains the tyre manufacturer's original speed rating, even after being repaired.

When purchasing tyres you should only consider a tyre that has at least the same speed rating, or higher, and never replace with a tyre of a lower speed rating, even if you drive at low speeds. There are other factors other than just speed that determine these ratings, so changing to an inferior rated tyre could prove to be dangerous and a risk to safety. However, it is ok to fit tyres with a higher speed rating than recommended. Do not mix tyres with different speed ratings - if replacing in pairs then the new tyres should be the same rating as the tyres fitted on the car.

On a 195/50 R15 89H tyre, the Speed Rating is H and using the table below shows that it has a Speed Rating of up to 130mph.

Tyre Speed Rating

Maximum Speed

Speed Symbol MPH KPH
N 87 140
P 94 150
Q 100 160
R 106 170
S 112 180
T 118 190
H 130 210
V 149 240
ZR above 149 above 240
W 168 270
Y 186 300


Load Index
The tyre Load Index is the number after the tyre size, written before the speed rating, and is a numerical value used to compare relative load carrying capabilities.

On a 195/50 R15 89H tyre, it is the 89 number in the description, and using the table below shows that the tyre has an ability to carry 580kg's at the tested speed rating figure.

The higher the tyre's load index number, the greater load capacity it has. Tyres should only be replaced with a Load Index of the same or above that recommended and fitted originally.

The load indexes of the tyres used on road cars and other vehicles typically range from 70 to 110.

Load Index Kg   Load Index Kg
71 345   91 615
72 355   92 630
73 365   93 650
74 375   94 670
75 387   95 690
76 400   96 710
77 412   97 730
78 425   98 750
79 437   99 775
80 450   100 800
81 462   101 825
82 475   102 850
83 487   103 875
84 500   104 900
85 515   105 925
86 530   106 950
87 545   107 975
88 560   108 1000
89 580   109 1030
90 600   110 1060

Size Fuel
External Rolling
External Rolling
Noise dB
175/50R16 77T E A 3 74
185/55R14 80V F C 3 73
185/55R15 82V E C 3 73
195/40R16 80W E C 3 74
195/40R17 81W E C 3 74
195/45R15 78W E C 3 73
195/45R16 84W F C 3 73
195/45R17 85W E C 3 73
195/50R15 82V F C 3 73
195/55R15 85V F C 3 73
205/40R18 86Y E C 3 74
205/45R16 87W E C 3 73
205/45R17 88Y E C 3 73
205/50R15 86V E C 3 73
205/55R15 88W F C 3 73
205/55R16 91W E C 3 73
215/35R17 83W E C 3 74
215/35R18 84Y E C 3 74
215/35R19 85Y E C 3 74
215/40R16 82T E A 3 74
215/40R16 86W E C 3 74
215/40R17 87Y E C 3 74
215/40R18 89Y E C 3 74
215/45ZR17 91Y E C 3 73
225/35R17 86Y E A 3 74
225/35R19 88Y E C 3 74
225/35R20 90Y E C 3 74
225/40R18 92Y E C 3 74
225/45R17 91Y E C 3 73
235/35R19 91Y E C 3 74
235/40R17 90Y E C 3 74
255/35R18 94Y E C 3 74
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Performance Road Tyre
Excellent Wet Weather Performance
Directional Pattern
Micro Flexible Compound
Wide Range Of Sizes Available
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