Sparco Kartwear

Sparco Kartwear is the perfect choice for amateur and professional racers alike, offering both fantastic protection and cutting edge design. Utilising the same production techniques and attention to detail that goes into creating their Motorsport range, Sparco’s protective kart clothing is true to the companies long standing values of quality and safety.

Sparco’s range, including their kart gloves and karting race suits has everything you need to be suitably protected and to comply with current FIA guidelines giving you the confidence to push the limits of your machine.

SparcoBoots   SparcoGloves   SparcoBody Protection   SparcoKit Bags & Luggage   SparcoSuits   Sparco Wet Suits
Sparco Boots   Sparco Gloves   Sparco Body Protection   Sparco Kit Bags & Luggage   Sparco Suits   Sparco Wet Suits
SparcoClearance Kartwear   SparcoUnderwear                
Sparco Clearance Kartwear   Sparco Underwear                
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