Cobra Sport Exhausts

Cobra Sport Exhausts

Cobra Sport’s ever growing range of performance exhausts demonstrate the highest quality of manufacturing. Each system is hand-made in Sheffield and in-house expertise ensures that all exhaust systems are engineered to the highest tolerances guaranteeing a perfect first-time fit, great performance and a truly pitch perfect exhaust sound.

All Cobra Sport Exhausts are engineered with Mandrel tube bending to ensure a smooth unrestricted airflow and maximum power gain. Advanced manufacturing techniques and superior TIG welding procedures produce a superlative finish. For ultimate peace of mind, all Cobra Sport Exhausts come with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.

About Cobra Sport

Cobra Sport are a family run business with a heritage in the UK’s performance exhaust market spanning four decades. With a proven commitment to continuous improvement and investment in new exhaust technology, Cobra Sport have been awarded the “Made In Sheffield” mark which is a symbol of excellence in manufacturing and recognised worldwide.

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Cobra Sport Exhaust Systems   Cobra Sport Back Boxes - Direct Fit   Cobra Sport Catalysts & Replacement Pipes   Cobra Sport Exhaust Manifolds & Downpipes        
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