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Way back in 1888, a Scottish vet named John Boyd Dunlop replaced the solid tyres on his son’s tricycle with homemade makeshift tyres. These tyres were literally thin rubber strips glued together and inflated with air. Back then, little did Dunlop realize how his ideas would revolutionize transport across the globe and how it was the first step of a brand that now provides some of the world’s finest tyres.

The history of Dunlop tyres is intimately linked with its commitment to motor racing in all forms, including 2 and 4 wheel competition. For more than 120 years Dunlop tyres have been achieving exceptional results on the world’s race tracks. The innovations and technology gained from racing at the highest level of motorsport means Dunlop can use this technology to provide us with the best possible road tyres available, whatever the purpose, from track days to touring. Dunlop tyre engineers were the first company to apply race tyre performance to street tyres. Dunlops tyre shapes, radial constructions, tread designs and Multi-Tread (MT) Technology were all developed through racing, allowing Dunlop to build up an unparalleled reputation amongst motorcycle owners.

Dunlop have been producing race tyres since motorcycles and cars were first raced and Dunlops racing involvement stretches from International racing such as Moto2 and world championship motocross, to classics like the Isle of Man TT, and national road and off road classes all around the world.

Dunlop also manufacture a range of OE tyres, that are developed in conjunction with the motorcycle manufacturers in a bikes early stages of development to ensure the characteristics of the tyre fit perfectly with the bikes intended purpose. This is achieved by Dunlop technicians working closely with the motorcycle manufacturers until the desired level of performance is obtained. Dunlop tyres are currently OE fitment tyres on Aprilia, Benelli, BMW, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha. Dunlop are continually developing and testing new technologies and compounds to further develop their road tyres, so whichever Dunlop tyre you use, you can always ride with confidence!!

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