Lifeline Motorsport Fire Extinguishers

Lifeline fire extinguishers are used in many race and rally series all over the world. F1, GT Championships, Le Mans Series, WRC to name just a few. For over 20 years they have been a leading manufacturer and supplier of on board fire suppression systems to the motorsport industry.

After the use of Halon as the extinguishing agent ceased under the Montreal Protocol, Lifeline pioneered the MSA and FIA approved ZERO 2000 range of environmentally friendly, foam based fire extinguisher systems. This system uses a unique atomiser nozzle, which divides the foam into minute particles, smothering the fire with a fine mist that forms an invisible seal over the target area, cooling and thus preventing re-ignition.

With a continuous research and development programme, Lifeline soon developed a smaller and lighter range of FIA approved ZERO 360 gas system and handheld extinguishers. Taking the name from the panoramic qualities of the gas discharge which, due in main to the unique nozzle design gives a fire smothering gas cloud seeking out and suppressing fire in the hidden engine bay corners.

Pushing the boundaries even further and designed primarily for single seat and sports car installations, the FIA approved ZERO 0 range represents a significant step forward. Using a high rate discharge nozzle the high performance of this design has helped Lifeline reduce the quantity of agent needed to extinguish the FIA fire test to 1.5kg and therefore further reduce overall size and weight.

Demon Tweeks offer and stock the full range of Lifeline plumbed in fire extinguisher systems, hand held extinguishers and spare parts, with most being kept on the shelf and ready for immediate worldwide dispatch.

LifelineFire Extinguisher Activation   LifelineFire Extinguishers - Hand Held   LifelineFire Extinguisher Packages - Plumbed In & Hand Held   LifelineFire Extinguisher Plumbing & Nozzles   LifelineFire Extinguisher Retaining Brackets & Straps   Lifeline Fire Extinguisher Systems - Plumbed In
Lifeline Fire Extinguisher Activation   Lifeline Fire Extinguishers - Hand Held   Lifeline Fire Extinguisher Packages - Plumbed In & Hand Held   Lifeline Fire Extinguisher Plumbing & Nozzles   Lifeline Fire Extinguisher Retaining Brackets & Straps   Lifeline Fire Extinguisher Systems - Plumbed In
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