Michelin Motorcycle

Michelin was created in 1889 by two brothers, Andre and Edouard Michelin. Their aim was to help the development of modern transport solutions (the key for freedom and economic development) through ongoing innovation.

Since it was founded, the mission for Michelin bike tyres has been commitment to innovation. Its first patent for a removable pneumatic tyre was back in 1891 and since then Michelin tyres have never looked back. Their strive to be the best and be at the forefront of motorcycle tyre design and innovation is backed up by their achievements – such as their first radial tyre introduced in 1946 and is still available today!

Michelin motorcycle tyres have been heavily involved on motorcycle racing over the years. Their first participation in Moto GP was in 1972 and carried on until 2008, along the way, they were the first to introduce radial construction and multi compound tyres to MotoGp, with 360 victories and numerous World championships along the way.

The innovations and technology gained from racing at the highest level of motorsport means Michelin can use this technology to provide us with the best possible road tyres available, whatever the purpose, from track days to touring. Michelin tyre engineers are constantly developing the technology developed through racing, allowing Michelin to build up an unparalleled reputation amongst motorcycle owners.

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