Milltek Exhausts

Milltek Sport Exhausts

Milltek have been making and developing exhausts for more than 30 years. They use only the hardest wearing T304 steel which offer excellet corrosion and heat resistance whilst remaining extremely lightweight. The alloy Milltek uses is so tough they offer a lifetime guarantee on all their exhaust systems.

Milltek’s slogan is ‘Performance to blow your mind, not your ears!’ and they take this very seriously, engineering a sound that is deep and sporty without being too intrusive. They offer most of their exhaust systems with the option of a resonator chamber which cuts certain frequencies to ensure you still enjoy their sporty exhaust note after a long trip on the motorway. 

MilltekExhaust Systems   MilltekBack Boxes - Direct Fit   MilltekCatalysts & Replacement Pipes   MilltekExhaust Manifolds & Downpipes   MilltekExhaust Accessories   Milltek Vehicle Specific Tail Trims
Milltek Exhaust Systems   Milltek Back Boxes - Direct Fit   Milltek Catalysts & Replacement Pipes   Milltek Exhaust Manifolds & Downpipes   Milltek Exhaust Accessories   Milltek Vehicle Specific Tail Trims
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