Momo Performance

Momo began in the 1960's when Giampiero Moretti and a friend made a special steering wheel to fit to a race car. What made this wheel special was that it was smaller in diameter but with a large hand grip. This combination made the car easier to steer and drive, and the new steering wheel was soon getting noticed by other drivers. Ferrari driver John Surtees was one of these, and requested a Momo wheel for his formula one race car. After Surtees won the championship that year, Ferrari requested Momo steering wheels for all of their race cars and so was the beginning of Momo's rise to become one of the best steering wheel manufacturers in the World.

Momo have used this experience to design and manufacture a fantastic range of products for performance road cars and motorsport use. From gear knobs to road wheels, there's a great range of Momo tuning products to suit everyones taste and style. 

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Momo Gear Knobs & Accessories   Momo Harnesses   Momo Interior Styling   Momo Seats & Accessories   Momo Steering Wheels & Accessories   Momo Wheels
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