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Airbag Vests

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We all know that air bags have been around in the 4-wheel world for quite some time - to the point where we possibly take this life saving technology a little for granted. It’s only when you see an older car without one that you realise how long they’ve been an integral ‘cog in the machine’; protecting us from serious injury in the unfortunate event that we’re involved in an accident. It’s no big surprise then, that they’re now becoming more and more popular in the 2-wheel world also!

In a car, the driver is secured in place by their seatbelt and surrounded by a range of airbags in key areas - all designed to be deployed if they detect a specific type of impact. With a motorcycle, the rider is exposed to a totally different environment - always moving around and in the unfortunate event of an accident a rider will at some point not be in contact with the machine; so, an air bag fixed to a bike is useless. Considering this, there is only one place an airbag could realistically fit and be effective – on the rider themselves! That's where air bag vests come in. 

All our air bag vests are fully CE approved and ergonomically designed to offer the rider un-restricted movement when riding, whilst still dealing with the huge challenges associated with the various aspects involved in delivering the highest levels of rider safety.

Air bag vests are another example of cutting edge, race derived technology that has filtered down to the street, rather than just being the privilege of elite racers. So, whether you feel that the latest MotoGP derived electronic system is for you or a simpler but still highly effective mechanical solution suits your needs better, you can be sure the technology on offer has been thoroughly tested!

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