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Motorcycle Chain Adjusters

O.E. chain adjusters on some motorcycles leave a little to the imagination with regards to form over function, with many capable of doing the job designed of them but are anything but nice to look at.

Aftermarket chain adjusters provide both form and function, these CNC machined parts can be seen as a little extravagant. However, quite often O.E. chain adjusters soon become worn and sometimes even rusty – making your pride and joy look a shadow of its former self. CNC machined aluminium gives your machine a high quality, technical look; not to mention the fact that the precision engineering used in their construction allows for quick and precise wheel alignment and chain adjustment.

Gilles chain adjusters are also customisable - with the ability to add ‘lifters’ (for use with rear paddock stands) and ‘crash pads’ (to protect both your newly fitted chain adjusters and other expensive components such as the bike’s swingarm, rear caliper, etc. in the unfortunate event of the bike being dropped or slid down the road/track!).

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