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Clip On Motorcycle Handlebars

Handlebars are the simplest thing on a motorcycle, however, they’re also as important to the rider as the engine or wheels, simply because they’re what allows you to control the bike and its steering. Get it wrong and you risk badly affecting the bike’s ability to turn or brake – with obvious consequences.

When either racing or road riding the feeling you get through your handle bars is extremely important, as it this feedback which allows you to go understand how the bike is handling/responding to your input and the conditions around you. Also important is the rider’s wrist/ hand position as incorrectly positioned handlebars can both become extremely uncomfortable during prolonged or aggressive riding and reduce the rider’s concentration and confidence in their machine.

To help improve or overcome these situations we have a range of clip-on handlebars that offer both fixed and adjustable designs allowing you to fine tune your bike’s controls, or simply replace a set of O.E clip-ons, as aftermarket options can very often be a much more cost effective way to replace broken items.

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