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Motorcycle Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are an easily forgotten or even over-looked vital riding accessory. Not so much for a short commute or occasional quick blast, but if riding regularly or even daily for extended periods, wind noise can have serious effects on your concentration and even permanently damage your hearing. No matter what helmet you own, ear plugs are always recommended!

Research has proven that levels of wind noise measured at the ear of a motorcycle rider can reach from anywhere between 78dB (30mph) – 116dB (120mph), with the average rate of increase in noise levels during road trials being 15.5 dB per doubling of speed (for speeds above approximately 55 mph). Obviously, this is dependent upon what helmet you wear, road speed, the individual motorcycle and type of screen fitted, but it does give an idea of the punishment we put our ears through every time we’re out on the bike.

From simple one-size-fits-all foam options and custom fit mouldable types to those with integrated precision filters designed to bring down wind noise but allow normal conversation, we have a huge selection of motorcycle ear plugs to choose from.

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