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Motorcycle Exhausts

A motorcycle exhaust needs to do three very important jobs. Primarily the exhaust on a modern motorcycle has been designed to ensure your bike meets specified emissions and noise regulations.

Secondly, it needs to give your bike some spirit and soul! Modern engines come in many different shapes and sizes - singles, twins, triples and four cylinder engines all sound great, but then become strangled and muffled by the above regulations.

Finally, the exhaust needs to look good! There’s not much sense in buying a great looking bike if Euro 3 or Euro 4 regulations mean that the bike must be fitted with a dustbin sized exhaust strapped to the side or under-seat.

Aftermarket exhausts answer all the above requirements. Simply put - no matter what bike you buy, the manufacturer will always have a budget that a bike needs to be built to, meaning some aspects of the bike can be improved upon by specialist manufacturers.

Our comprehensive range of aftermarket motorcycle exhausts ranges from Arrow and Zard to Scorpion exhausts and offers multiple styles and options for a huge range of popular models of motorcycle. With big hitters like Akrapovic, Remus, and arrow, plus many more to choose from there’s plenty to make a noise about!

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