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Motorcycle Helmets

From humble beginnings, the Motorcycle helmet has become ‘THE’ most single important piece of rider protection. Designed to protect the most complicated and delicate part of your body - it can be a true lifesaver!

From full face to open face helmets, our hand-picked selection showcases the latest in manufacturing and safety technologies, with all helmets meeting ECE 22.05 safety standards for UK road use and many full-face motorcycle helmets also featuring ACU Gold approval for track/race use.

Possibly the two most important features in a helmet are its hard-outer shell and soft EPS inner lining. The hard-outer shell absorbs/dissipates the initial force of an impact, whist the softer EPS inner lining cushions the head and reduces the speed and impact force.

So why such a large price range? Well… All road legal helmets meet the minimum level of safety, however the more expensive the helmet, the more features and cutting-edge materials can be found, such as a Carbon or composite fibre outer-shells, multi-density/multi-layer EPS inner liners, improved ventilation and higher levels of interior trim - whilst cheaper helmets are usually made with a polycarbonate outer-shell, simpler EPS liner and feature non-removable interior trim.

However, the safest helmet you can buy will always be the best fitting – there’s no point wearing a thousand-pound top of the range helmet if it doesn’t fit properly! The best advice is to try as many different styles, brands as possible to get the best possible fit.

Whether you’re a racer who needs a helmet with the highest levels of ventilation, into touring and want the most comfortable, a commuter who wants the convenience of a flip-front or custom rider who likes making a statement - We’ve a motorbike helmet to suit your needs and price point.

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