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Motorcycle Intercoms

Like most electrical products available; from their initial conception to the latest incarnation the advances in technology used always improves - meaning designs become slimmer, smaller, lighter and generally more refined.

The benefits of this have never been more obvious than with motorcycle intercoms, with the latest batch all offering Bluetooth connectivity, unrivalled sound quality with noise cancelling technology and voice recognition controls. However, with such a wide range of motorcycle specific intercoms available it doesn’t stop there – with many allowing you to listen to the radio, your own MP3 music selection and connect to your Satnav and mobile, to ensure you always remain connected.

Both universal and helmet specific intercoms are available, with brand specific options such as the Schuberth and Shark options allowing for seamless integration between the helmet and intercom, meaning minimal and in some cases, no external adaptions visually to the helmet. However, it doesn’t matter which option you choose as both types of motorcycle intercom come packed with technology specifically designed to ensure a better, safer riding experience without sacrificing awareness of your surroundings.

So, whether you’re out for a solo ride, two up or in a group, our comprehensive range of motorcycle intercoms covers everyone from the occasional user who simply wants to speak to his pillion, to the full-on tourer/adventurer who wants ‘conference call’ style conversations and the ability to control everything from one button!

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