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Rear Paddock Stands

A must-have for any motorcycle rider, the rear paddock stand is an indispensable piece of equipment whether you’re having tinker time in the garage or doing some serious track day tooling!

Ever tried working on your bike whilst its sat on a side stand and leaning? Trust us - it isn’t as fun as it sounds. The bike can easily become unstable and the simplest of jobs become frustrating when nothing seems level! (unless your bike has a centre stand, then you’re fine!). From the most basic of maintenance jobs such as chain cleaning to more complicated tasks including rear wheel removal, changing brake pads fitting tail tidies, or pretty much anything you can think off that requires the bike to be upright and stable - The ‘rear paddock stand’ can help save a lot of time and effort!

Both ‘universal cup’ and ‘hook’ style rear paddock stands will fit 99% of bikes with a dual sided swingarm (although for the hook style you will need to have or fit bobbins/cotton reels to your bike’s swingarm). Plus, with a huge range and style to choose from we have a paddock stand to suit all tastes and budgets.

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