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Stilo Zero Helmets

When only the best will do, you cannot look beyond the Zero range of helmets from Stilo. Not only are they the lightest helmets currently available (starting from an amazing 1,120g), they benefit from a host of features that have been designed by drivers for drivers.

Whether you are looking for a helmet for use in single seater, saloon, GT or rally cars, the Stilo Zero range caters for all requirements. Full face helmets are available with built in connections for drinks systems, intercoms or the addition of a cold air feed. For those helmets which are equipped with intercom capabilities, there is a microphone pre-installed in the chin bar which can be adjusted to obtain the optimum distance from the drivers mouth.

But it is the attention to detail that really makes these helmets stand out from the rest. For those helmets with a full-size visor, a double locking visor post is equipped on the top of the chin bar which allows the visor to remain slightly open to allow air flow into the helmet to prevent the visor from fogging up in damp conditions, while keeping it firmly locked in place. Not only does this ensure the correct opening distance every time, it also prevents the visor from opening in the event of a crash, exposing the driver to potentially dangerous flying debris.

FIA 8860
Not Included
HANS Posts
With Posts
L (59-61cm)
M (57-59cm)
S (55-57cm)
XL (61-63cm)
XS (54-55cm)
XXL (63-64cm)
XXS (52-54cm)
Full Face
Open Face
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Other details include a wider and lower eyeport aperture to aid with the drivers peripheral vision and for locating the harness belts when sitting in the car, thoughtfully designed aerodynamic outer shell and a solid microphone boom on the open face WRC DES helmet to add extra protection for the driver while providing consistent intercom performance. Not only this, the Stilo ST5 range of helmets are the only full face helmets available which are FIA 8860-2010 homologated for use with ear cups. The advantages of this are two-fold; firstly, it provides for better communication between driver and pit due to reduced engine noise within the car, and secondly it insulates the drivers’ ears from prolonged contact with high volumes of noise to protect the drivers’ ears from long-term hearing damage.

With all of this in mind, it is no surprise that over 50% of the NASCAR grid, 60% of drivers who competed in the 2017 Le Mans 24hr and around 90% of the WRC crews wear Stilo helmets. Experience the quality for yourself today with the range of Stilo Zero helmets, available with 0% finance.

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