OMP Fire Extinguishers & Accessories

OMP's Fire extinguishers have been created to provide as much protection possible in the event of a fire. Huge sums of money can be spent building and improving race vehicles and their engines so its important to make sure your hardwork is as protected as it can be. OMP's plumbed in fire supressions systems offer a great way to quickly douse flames and limited damage to the vehilce. WIth both electronice and mechanical systems, as well as hand held extinguishers, OMP has something for every requirement.

OMPFire Extinguisher Activation   OMPFire Extinguishers - Hand Held   OMPFire Extinguisher Plumbing & Nozzles   OMPFire Extinguisher Retaining Brackets & Straps   OMPFire Extinguisher Systems - Plumbed In   OMP Fire Extinguisher Servicing
OMP Fire Extinguisher Activation   OMP Fire Extinguishers - Hand Held   OMP Fire Extinguisher Plumbing & Nozzles   OMP Fire Extinguisher Retaining Brackets & Straps   OMP Fire Extinguisher Systems - Plumbed In   OMP Fire Extinguisher Servicing
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