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Air Suspension

If you want to get your car very low, by far the easiest solution to live with is air suspension.

As the name suggests, air suspension uses air bags that can be inflated or deflated to raise or lower the car.

This means you can raise or lower your car at the push of a button. You can achieve that completely slammed, ‘on-it’s-guts’ look but still be able to negotiate speedbumps. We know some people see this as a cop-out, but we prefer to think of it as not wincing every time you navigate a shopping centre carpark in a slammed car.

Once upon a time, air suspension had a pretty poor reputation for handling, but modern set-ups are better engineered and perfectly drivable on road or even on track. Just looking at the struts supplied with the kits we do, you can see straight away that they’re quality items.

There are a lot of air suspension set-ups available and it’s entirely possible to mix-and-match your own. We really like the ease of installation of the AirRex kit we offer though. Into a box no bigger than a double subwoofer box goes a control system, compressor and air tank.

At this point you have to fit the air struts/springs and plumb everything in.

AirRex make the whole assembly in-house from air spring to damper internals which means the whole unit works together perfectly with dampers able to work with the range of rates the air spring operates at.

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