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Anti Roll Bars

An anti-roll bar is an important part of your vehicle’s suspension set-up. As the name suggests, it’s a bar that limits how much the vehicle can roll. This is essential on a vehicle intended to corner at high speeds.

While your vehicle will have been supplied with an anti-roll bar set-up, it will be a compromise between handling and comfort. It’s also worth noting that a lot of passenger cars are set-up for a degree of safety understeer.

By stiffening up the set-up, body roll can be reduced. This will result in enhanced grip through corners. You can also adjust the balance of grip between axles to tune out understeer or oversteer.

What set-up you go for will depend on your vehicle and what you are trying to achieve.

On a Front Wheel Drive car, fitting a stiffer anti-roll-bar to the rear is a popular modification. By stiffening up the rear axle relative to the front axle, understeer can be tamed.

On a Rear Wheel Drive car, stiffening up the front to tune away from oversteer is a popular option.

On an All-Wheel Drive car, it very much depends on the original handling. Some cars understeer, some oversteer.

Manufacturers of anti-roll-bars will normally put a kit together with the best balance of handling for the specific car in mind.

The other choice to consider is fixed vs adjustable. A fixed anti-roll bar will be set-up for the best handling for most users whereas an adjustable anti-roll bar lets you tweak to get the best possible set-up.

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