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Exhaust Back Boxes

If you’re interested in tuning your exhaust for sound, one of the easiest ways of achieving this is by fitting a Performance Back Box.

Replacing just the rearmost silencer or silencers of the exhaust with a specially tuned box and tailpipes, this is an incredibly easy way to enhance the sound of your exhaust.

The size, shape, and internal arrangement of baffles will all play a part in how the exhaust sounds.

A Performance Back Box will alter not just the volume, but the tone of the exhaust.

Normally an exhaust manufacturer will offer a range of tailpipes and will have carefully selected a selection that visually suit a car. Where the car has the tailpipes built into the bumper, normally the back-box will connect to those.

On certain vehicles, options will be available which require either the existing bumper modifying or a different bumper fitting – for example cars with an exit on one side may have a back-box available with exits on both sides which requires the sports models lower bumper.

Because you’re only replacing the very rear-most section of the exhaust, you don’t have to worry about passing an MOT test. Many of our exhausts are also E-Marked too.

If you can’t see a Back-Box Performance for your car, don’t panic. We may well offer a cat-back system for it!

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