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Brake Pads

Usually the first place you should start when upgrading a car’s braking system, Performance Brake Pads are a simple upgrade that makes a huge difference to how your car drives and feels.

Whether in terms of how the pedal initially feels, or how the pad performs when you start pushing the car and getting the brakes hot, high performance brake pads can make a huge difference.

Normally the biggest choice to make when deciding what brake pads to opt for is what type of compound you want.

On road cars, you have the option of purchasing high quality OE replacements which will perform the same as the factory parts they are replacing. These generally carry “ECE R90” certification which lets you know they have very similar characteristics to the parts being replaced.

However, if your driving is exceeding the capabilities of your original brakes, you will then normally have a choice of different levels of uprated compound.

The range of available pads runs from slightly uprated fast-road pads, though to mixed use track-day pads, all the way to more specialist track compounds.

It’s worth considering exactly how much extra stopping power you need and whether you need the pad to work well when cold. Some of the more specialist compounds need to be warmed up before they are at their best. It’s also worth bearing in mind that not all pads are ECE R90 certified and thus may not be road legal.

If you need any help choosing, please get in touch with our sales team!

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