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Suzuki Swift (92-03) GTI 1996 1.3
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A camshaft controls how the valves in an engine open and close. By modifying the shape of the camshaft used it’s possible to tune how the engine functions.

This is as simple as increasing the size of the lobe on the camshaft so it opens the valve for longer.

By opening the inlet valves for longer, more air can be drawn into the engine, increasing the power output of the engine.

This can either be done on its own for a mild increase in power or as part of a package of engine upgrades.

Normally for each engine, a range of cam profiles will be on offer. Fast-road or “mild” cams very slightly increase the power on offer, require no other parts, and leave the power band as standard.

More aggressive camshaft profiles are available but will often require the rest of the valvetrain upgrading and may shift the power-band higher up the rev range. Perfect for a rally-car, but less ideal for road use.

Where an off-the-shelf camshaft isn’t available, it’s still possible that a stock cam can be sent to one of our suppliers to be reground. Please give us a call for details.

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