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Performance Clutch Kits

Like many components on your car, the clutch will have been designed with the standard power it produces in mind. This is important because a clutch literally needs to be able to clamp down and hold onto the power coming from the engine. If you increase power a lot, you could well find that this is too much for the original clutch on the car to hold and the clutch starts slipping.

At this point you need an uprated clutch, designed to handle the extra load.

If you picture how a clutch works, it all makes perfect sense.

The drive plate or friction plate is a disc of grippy material in the middle of the sandwich.

This is designed to slip a bit to make the car easier to drive (think hill-starts and parking). As you increase the power, you need a plate made from grippier material. The cover of the clutch must also be uprated to match.

Normally the first step is a higher rated organic plate.  A quality uprated organic clutch can cope with an impressive increase in power and retains the slipability that is important for ease of use in a road car.

For more torque than this there are more specialist options like cerametallic paddle clutches, hybrid clutches, multi-plate clutches and so on.

The best solution will depend on your car and what it is being used for.

Clutches are a highly technical area, so if you’re in any doubt, please call or email our sales team.

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