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Coilover Suspension Kits

A Coilover Suspension Kit is the ultimate suspension solution for fast-road and track use. They replace your original spring and damper with a thicker heavy duty damper and matching uprated spring.

Because it’s a matched set and doesn’t need to fit the original equipment on the car, the components can be made bigger than the originals. This means that the spring and damper units and be heavier duty and the spring seat can be moved allowing for a much lower set-up.

Normally coil-overs are adjustable for at least height. You can simply dial in the exact amount of lowering you want. Normally between one and two inches is available, although for some cars specific “ultra-low kits” offering more like three inches may be available. This means you can tailor the exact stance you want.

On some coilover suspension, damping is also adjustable. Adjustable damping allows expert users to tailor the exact set-up they want. Fixed damping isn’t necessarily worse. The configuration will have been carefully tailored by expert suspension engineers for road use. A well set-up fixed damping coilover will probably handle better than a badly set-up adjustable coilover, so it’s best to consider carefully if you really want to adjust the damping yourself.

For the most advanced suspension set-up for road or track use, coilovers offer you the most control over how your car handles.

Please Note: Many manufacturers list their coilovers by Front Axle Weight/Load. Where this is shown on a product listing you will need to check your vehicle's VIN plate before ordering.

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