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Dump Valves & Blow Off Valves

A Dump Valve or Blow Off Valve releases the pressure built up between the turbo and the throttle body when you come off the accelerator. This prevents the built pressure from being forced back through the turbo.

Dump Valves come in two types – Recirculating and Atmospheric. A Recirculating Valve quietly sends this charge of air back to the intake. This is what cars tend to be fitted with from the factory.

An Atmospheric Dump Valve provides that familiar dump valve “Whoosh!”. Swapping a recirculating valve for an atmospheric one is a popular modification, not least because it sounds cooler.

In this section, we list universal dump valves of both types.

It’s always worth checking out our Vehicle Specific Dump Valves first. For many modern cars, changing to an atmospheric dump valve requires extra electronics enabling the ECU to control the valve. The Vehicle Specific Kits will come with a solenoid and wiring harness to enable ECU control, for trouble free operation.

On simpler cars, you can just select the right sized valve and fitting kit.

It’s not normally possible to fit a Dump Valve to a Diesel engine because they tend to lack a throttle plate that closes when you come off the pedal. This means they’re not producing the vacuum necessary to activate the valve.

A Diesel Dump Valve kit makes it possible by coming with all the electronics you need to fit a valve to a diesel engine, including solenoid and wiring kit to connect the valve to a pedal.

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