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Cobb Tuning Stage 2 Power Package featuring Intake, Front Mounted Intercooler, and Engine Mount

Cobb Tuning Stage 2 Power Package featuring Intake, Front Mounted Intercooler, and Engine Mount
Cobb Tuning Stage 2 Power Package featuring Intake, Front Mounted Intercooler, and Engine Mount
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A Cobb Tuning Stage 2 Power Package comes with a Cobb Accessport V3 and all the supporting hardware needed to upgrade your engine to the next level.

Cobb's Accessport V3 is a state-of-the-art tuning device capable of remapping your cars ECU as many times as you like to support ongoing upgrade projects.

It also functions as a digital gauge cluster and fault code reader.

You can use the Accessport V3 to flash a remap onto your vehicles ECU. This would increase power by a reasonable amount on it's own, but when combined with the supplied hardware very impressive gains are to be had.

The Accessport itself is a versatile, powerful remapping device. It allows you to flash a new map onto your ECU from Cobbs library of remaps as many times as you like.

Remapping your engines ECU allows you to control how hard the turbo boosts and other variables like fuelling, ignition, and timing. This will normally show worthwhile gains on it's own, but when fitted alongside Cobb's matching range of hardware these gains get even bigger. By offering their own range of hardware, Cobb can tune specifically for that hardware, maximising gains.

The Accessport can also be used as a digital gauge cluster. The big high resolution screen enables up to six values read from the ECU to be displayed simulaneously alongside shift-lights. This means you can display values like boost pressure, oil temperature, air-fuel ratio etc. right there on your dash.

Cobb are combining this device with a package of hardware designed to maximise the benefits of their remap.

This kit include an intake, an intercooler and uprated engine mount.

The intake and the intercooler help ensure a ready supply of cold air to the engine.

A Cobb Tuning intake replaces your existing factory airbox and air filter with a bigger conical filter and replacement pipework intended to get more cold air into the engine. Cold air contains a higher density of oxygen, and oxygen helps your engine burn fuel.

Going from a flat panel to a conical filter means more surface area of air filter which again means more air into the engine.

Because Cobb are offering the air intake as a complement to their own software they can tune for bigger power increases than with a unit that needs to work with the stock map.

Cobb are also supplying an uprated intercooler. The intercooler cools down air coming out of the turbocharger. Compressing air as it goes through the turbocharger adds heat to it. An intercooler cools it back down.

While the intercooler supplied with your vehicle is probably perfectly adequate for the stock map, adding a larger unit will reduce intake temperatures and improve performance.

When combined with the right software this will significantly improve performance.

Cobb are also throwing in an uprated engine mount to help cope with the increased power the engine is making. Engine mounts are designed to have some flex in them to dampen the Noise Vibration and Harshness from the drivetrain. This is fine, but once the engine is making more power it's also going to twisting harder against the stock engine mounts.

Replacing the stock rubber units with uprated Polyurethane mounts can help ensure that all of the added power you're sending from the engine makes it to the road.

By combining hardware and software Cobb are offering you an all-in-one tuning solution and making it easy for you to pick up a significant chunk of extra power all in one go.

Cobb Tuning Accessport V3    
Cobb Tuning Accessport V3    
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