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Revo Technik

Revo Technik DSG and S-Tronic Performance Software Upgrade

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Revo Technik DSG and S-Tronic Performance Software Upgrade
Revo Technik DSG and S-Tronic Performance Software Upgrade
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Increased Launch Control Upshift Range
Raised Driving Upshifts
Full Manual Mode
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**For all Revo Software the vehicle is required to have the installation take place at our fitting center in Wrexham. Installation times may vary depending on application. Please call our fitting centre on 01978 664 468 to book your car in now.**

**Please note, all listings on the website only show availability and gains. Please ring our fitting centre to order.**

Revo Software - DSG Stage 1 & 2 and S-Tronic Stage 1 & 2

This Software upgrade is designed to complement the wide range of remaps available for cars with DSG and S-Tronic gear boxes, allowing you to fully harness the power increase and enjoy enhanced control.
Revo's DSG and S-Tronic Software has been developed to improve overall performance and driveability. 
Up and Downshifts in both Drive and Sport mode have been modified, Upshifts have been raised to around 7000rpm (model dependent) to utilise the engine.
By increasing the shift point to around 7000rpm (model dependent) it allows the engine to stay in it most effect operating range for longer. 

For vehicles with launch Control the Upshift range has also been increased to 3200rpm for FWD models and 4000rpm for 4WD models giving you a swifter, smoother and more effective start.
If desired a custom launch RPM can be applied. 
Along with this improvement to the Launch Control it also increases the shift point, from immediately after launching, to 7000rpm.

Gain more control through Manual Mode with the Automatic shifting feature disabled, allowing you to fully control when Up and Downshifts take place.
Kick-down in Manual Mode has also been disabled giving the control back when opening up the throttle or attempting overtakes. You will be able to hold gear through corners without fear of an upshift knocking you off balance.
These improvements allow you to delve into areas of your engines capability that have been previously hidden, and give you the freedom to drive how you want to, whenever you want to, without any limitations.

Gear Shift Indicator will display in Gear display when possible, as not all vehicles have this feature enabled. 

The shift maps are based on the most effective factory sport maps and given a Revo enhancement.

Gear shifting overall is improved by a faster and more accurate shift, with no more double shifting, improving the driver’s involvement and overall experience. 
Acquiring this software upgrade will make your vehicle better able to handle the performance increase that comes with a Remapped engine.

This DSG software increases the Torque limit set by the factory to 500Nm.
The torque limit set by the manufacturer is a software limit not a hardware limit, the vehicle will still operate within a safe range.

Stage 1 DSG/S-Tronic - Designed for use on cars that are standard or tuned.

Stage 2 DSG/S-Tronic - Designed for cars with hardware modifications, such as K04 Stage2+ or Stage3 K04 turbo kits (Available from Revo).
As this software has increased shift points and more aggressive shift maps this fully utilises turbo upgrades, enabling the engine to hold onto the revs higher in every gear.
The upgraded turbo gives the car a larger powerband enabling it to surge further into the revs.  
If installed on a car of lesser performance, the vehicle may be limited by its hardware and in turn the engine may struggle to hit the shift points in sport mode.

Revo Technik SPS Pro In Dash Control Panel    
Revo Technik SPS Pro In Dash Control Panel    
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