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Exhaust Systems

If you want to enhance the sound and performance of your car, a good place to start is the car’s exhaust system. More than just the biggest factor in how a car sounds, an exhaust also plays an important part in how an engine breathes.

On a normally aspirated engine or supercharged engine, scavenging effect and overlap mean that the process of drawing exhaust gas out of the engine helps draw air into the engine.

On a turbocharged engine, the presence of the turbocharger turbine means that airflow is restricted anyway, but an exhaust is still very important. Having as little restriction as possible on the exhaust side of the turbo helps the turbo to run as efficiently as possible, with as little lag as possible.

By replacing the existing with carefully sized and designed pipework the exhaust system can be made to flow more effectively to optimise performance.

Normally deciding how much of the exhaust you want to replace is the first decision to make. Replacing the whole system will always offer the best performance enhancement, but replacing the original catalytic converter requires new ECU software.

A “Cat-Back” exhaust is a very popular option for this reason. You still get the benefits of redesigned pipework, but can leave the ECU untouched for a slightly reduced power gain.

There may also be a choice of how loud you want the exhaust to be. By replacing some of the silencers with straight pipework the system can be made louder.

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