The Fast Car Festival

Fast Car Festival is an interesting one. The magazine itself features a huge variety of cars ranging from humble hatchbacks up to seriously exotic machinery and the show follows suit. This is no bad thing if you ask us.

If you love all things with wheels, a multi-marque meet (try saying that three times fast) is fascinating simply because of the variety of stuff that turns up. Just to underline this, several of Fast Car’s sister publications will be bringing their own stands to the show with a selection of iconic cars. Then of course there’s the reader cars.

Seeing state of the art trackday monsters, retro rally cars, stance, time attack, Euro, Jap, Vauxhall, Ford, Supercars and more all in the same place is like an all you can eat car buffet for your eyes. More cars is always better than less cars if you ask us.

The Fast Car Festival

There’s a couple of interesting looking clubs in attendance. Mpire who drive supercars, BMW M, Audi RS, Mercedes-AMG and more will be in attendance with a 100 car display.

There’s also the Lotus Drivers Club, simplifying and adding lightness. Lotus owners take performance extremely seriously, so we’d probably expect to see a lot of very performance oriented tuning on display here.

The Supercar Driver online community will be there with 50 of their best supercars. Best is a relative term when it comes to supercars.

If this has got you excited, Fast Car themselves are bringing a Hypercar Paddock with exclusive machinery like the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 expected to make appearances.

This sounds to us like a great opportunity to get a look at some very out of the ordinary cars, which is what going to something like this is all about.

Seeing the mix of tuning scenes all in one place is another opportunity. It’s fascinating seeing what’s hot and what’s not. Seeing what cars tick what boxes from which scene and even which cars cross over or break the rules entirely.

From bagged Euro-look cars on Rotiforms, to Jap scene cars on Rota’s with those essential scene-cred JDM parts, to motorsport inspired Vauxhalls and Fords on Pro-Race we’re expecting the lot.

We forget who said it, but someone said Wheels can make or break a car. While there’s certain classics (like LMs, TE37s, Pro-Race 1.2s etc.) that never really go out of style, there’s also new original wheels from the likes of Rotiform, Vossen, Radi8, and Fifteen52.

With cheap track time on offer, a second set of track wheels clad in semi-slicks is probably going to be a popular choice as well.

The Fast Car Festival
The Fast Car Festival
The Fast Car Festival

We don’t know what it is (acrophobia?), but a common feature of a lot of these looks is lowering. Air is ever popular, probably because it lets you achieve that “on its guts” look while parked up, but still be able to clear speed bumps easily at the push of a button.

The alternative, static lowering achieved with coilovers is also popular, albeit less car park friendly. Mind you, we’re told having to very carefully leave the meet with body kit scraping is all part of the Shakotan JDM lifestyle.

It’s often the details that really set these looks apart. Little details like gearknobs, wheel bolts, or ironic roof-rack fixtures can really make a look work.

Seeing what’s new or different is a big part of the fun here. Currently the in thing seems to be a honking great wing. We’re seeing them on everything from Evos and the like all the way through to Golfs and Alfas. How far the big aero and body-kit look will be taken remains to be seen. Will it come around full circle to undercar lighting and in-car games consoles? Only time will tell.

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