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Induction Kits

Whilst a lot can be achieved with a performance filter element in the original air box, the design of the original air box will always be a limitation to just how quickly you can get air into an engine.

As you tune up the engine, you will be able to make use of more air than the original intake provides. At this point, you can drop a whole new air intake in, replacing the parts which are acting as a bottleneck and get significantly more air into the engine.

The exact mix of features offered will depend on which parts of the original air intake are restricting performance and what features the original system has.

Our first recommendation is to replace the original panel filter with a much higher flowing replacement. A cone or cylinder shape air filter will offer much more surface area for getting air in. However, if you're installing a bigger filter, you'll need to either partially or completely replace the original air filter.

Some intakes will offer features like a heat shield or an enclosed air feed to ensure no hot air from the engine bay gets drawn in. Enclosing the filter will usually yield the best performance as cold air contains more oxygen. It does however offer less induction noise.

The pipework running to the filter from the throttle body and even behind the throttle body may be replaced with better flowing silicone or aluminium pipework. Removing obstructions and smoothing out turbulence can make big differences.

Either alone or as part of a package of upgrades, an induction kit can offer significant improvements.

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