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Lowering Springs

Lowering Springs are the easiest way to upgrade your car's suspension.

Simply replacing your car’s original springs, and usually designed to work with the rest of the car's suspension system “as is”, they instantly give noticeable improvements.

For such a simple alteration, the improvements are significant.

A set of Lowering Springs will normally lower your car by about an inch. This not only looks good, tidying up arch gaps and giving the car a subtly sportier stance, but offers handling improvements.

Lowering your car is a good thing in and of itself. A lower car means a lower centre of gravity. A lower centre of gravity means that your car will roll less in corners. This means that more weight will stay on all your tyres, leading to better grip.

Lowering Springs will also be firmer than your original springs. This will keep your car glued to the road better and help with braking and getting the power down.

While we’d certainly never advise against fitting sportier shock absorbers, many of the springs we supply are fully TUV certified to work with the cars original shock absorbers.

On some cars, you even have a choice between mild lowering springs and sportier springs (which offer more drop and sportier handling), allowing you to further fine-tune handling.

Because you’re only modifying the cars coil springs, these will be fully compatible with most adaptive damping systems.

Whether you’re after a happy medium for a fast-road car, or just dipping your toe into the world of car tuning, lowering springs are an excellent, cost-effective upgrade which lead to sportier, more enjoyable handling.

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