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Cobb Tuning Stage 2 Power Package featuring Accessport V3, Air Intake, and Y-Pipe

Cobb Tuning Stage 2 Power Package featuring Accessport V3, Air Intake, and Y-Pipe
Cobb Tuning Stage 2 Power Package featuring Accessport V3, Air Intake, and Y-Pipe
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For certain vehicles Cobb are offering this Stage 2 Power Package combining an Accessport V3, an uprated intake, and a high-flow Sports-Cat replacement section for the original exhaust.

The Accessport V3 is a powerful, versatile tuning device. It can remap your engines ECU with a more powerful map. You can remap the ECU as many times as you like.

It's compatible with engine hardware ranging from stock up to highly tuned.

Because Cobb also offer their own hardware, they can provide maps designed specifically to get the best out of a hardware upgrade.

This tuning package combines the Accessport V3 with Cobb's own intake, and Sports-Cat section.

The Accessport on it's own is a powerful tuning device enabling you to reflash the vehicles ECU as many times as you like using maps from Cobbs extensive software library.

This gives you the flexibility to run the vehicle with hardware ranging from standard right the way up to highly tuned.

The Accessport also functions as a digital "gauge" unit enabling you to display readings like turbo-boost, air-fuel ratio and so on right there on the dash.

This adds a huge amount of usefulness to the Accessport and makes it an invaluable tool when tuning your vehicle. It also serves as a data logger.

While impressive results can be achieved just by remapping, certain parts of the factory intake and exhaust system will always limit the power you can achieve.

The factory exhaust system in particular will always include bottlenecks like standard catalytic converters. While the factory items supplied will be adequate for a vehicle running standard power, they quickly come to be a restricting factor in how much exhaust gas you can get out of a turbocharged engine.

Cobb use high-flowing spun metal subtrates to replace the oriignal ceramic units. This increases the mount of exhaust gas that can flow through the system. This combined with redesigned surrounding pipe-work help ensure that the exhaust gas can always flow smoothly and quickly away from the turbo. This removes a big limit to the power that can be achieved.

Cobb then combine this with their own high-flow Air Intake to ensure that you can get air into the engine just as fast as you can get it out.

This intake is designed to work specifically with Cobb software as it will actually get so much air into the engine that the factory MAF sensor needs recalibrating.

Because Cobb designed these items themselves they know exactly how they will perform. This means the software they offer for this combination of hardware has been calibrated precisely for it and can be pushed as hard as possible and seriously big power gains can be achieved.

Cobb Tuning Accessport V3    
Cobb Tuning Accessport V3    
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