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Suspension Kits

Whilst lowering springs are a good start, they get even better when paired with a set of matching sports dampers.

Suspension kits include a complete set of sports dampers and lowering springs, selected by the manufacturer to work well together. The lowering springs will sit your car lower and make it firmer. Lowering a car is good in and of itself because a lower centre of gravity means less body roll. This in turn means more grip through the corner, particularly when changing direction.

The springs will also be firmer than the factory springs they are replacing. This helps to improve the feel of the car. A firmer spring will make it feel more connected to the road.

The sports dampers will then complement this. By being firmer, they help soak up the bumps in a more controlled manner than the factory dampers. They will also make the car ride smoother by better controlling rebound from the stiffer springs. This means that you end up with a set-up that is smooth, but not overly bouncy.

Buying a matched set in the form of a suspension kit also means that you’re buying a set-up that has been proven to work well together, taking the guesswork out of pairing the right spring and damper.

If you want a fast-road suspension set-up and don’t want the complication or expense of coilovers, a suspension kit may well be the perfect option.

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