Product Review Terms and Conditions

Demon Tweeks Product Review Terms and Conditions

We love to hear from our customers here at Demon Tweeks – that’s why we’ve included the ability to review the products you purchase on our website. After all, who better to discuss a product than someone who’s actually bought and used it? We do have a few house rules though – just to keep things running smoothly.

Review Guidelines

No profanity

Pretty self-explanatory really – please don’t swear or else we won’t be able to use your review. This goes for any defamatory or threatening comments too.

No discussion of competitors

We are unable to accept any reviews that discuss or comment on any of our competitors.

Product reviews should be of the product in question

Please remember that you’re writing a review of a product – not the service you received, the way it was packed, the current weather or what you had for dinner last night. Please ensure that you stay on topic – any questions or comments regarding Demon Tweeks should be directed to our customer service team via telephone: 0844 815 8600 or email:

Use the product only in the way recommended by its manufacturer

Any reviews which discuss the use of a product outside of the guidelines set by its manufacturer will not be published – given that this could lead to a heightened risk of that product failing or otherwise causing danger to its user.

Please note that we do still reserve the right not to publish your review – but we will only take this action in exceptional circumstances.

How to write a review

So, you’ve received your shiny new product, and you’ve spent some time actually using it – now what? Time to tell others how (hopefully) good it is! We’ve got a few tips here that will help to ensure your review is useful to other people who might be interested.

What would you tell yourself about the product if you could go back to before you bought it?

Was there anything you really wanted to know about the product before you got it? Did it live up to your expectations? This sort of info could really help someone else out, so let them know!

Say what you think

We pride ourselves on the quality of everything we sell – and to continue doing this we need to know exactly what you think of it. If a product’s great, then we need to know so that we can tell everyone about it. If it’s not so great then we need to have a long hard think about whether it’s something that we should continue to sell. This way, you can help us to help you.


Generally, using all caps on the internet is regarded as SHOUTING. If you wouldn’t SHOUT your review normally, then it’s best to stick to standard grammar. Bonus points if it’s spelled correctly too!

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