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Founded in 1963 Recaro began manufacturing seats after being involved in coach building for Porsche and Daimler-Benz. In motor racing circles the Recaro name quickly became a recognised and saught after brand. After joining the Keiper company in 1969 the Keiper Recaro group continued to design and produce car seats which were innovative and groundbreaking. Prior to Recaro, car seats resembled seats found in the home with little or no lateral support. This changed when Recaro started to develop seats with a lateral guide and later with adjustable shoulder support. 
Recaro worked closely with ergonomic and biomechanic researchers and collaborated with specialist physicians to determine how people should sit and how the body should be correctly supported. This research allowed Recaro to produce seats which were far more supportive and safer than previous options with greater levels of comfort. For a motorsport seat this is exactly what is required and hence Recaro were and still are regarded as the best seats for race or rally use.
Today, Recaro seats are used by winning drivers from all genres of motorsport and the host of accolades acquired worldwide speak for themselves.

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