With over two decades of experience, Remus are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of performance car and performance motorcycle exhaust systems. Based in Bärnbach, Austria, Remus manufactures all of its custom exhausts to a very high standard. Here Remus takes advantage of its extensive experience in rallying, as well as GT and superbike racing, to create products that not only sound and look great, but are also designed to give real improvements in power and torque. Remus test their exhaust parts at a state of the art research and development centre – which includes full rolling-road dyno facilities and an acoustics test centre. Because of this, Remus have built a reputation for creating exhausts which sound great, but that still won’t blow your eardrums on long motorway journeys. Remus exhausts give a characteristic deep tone, and are designed to let your engine breathe more easily whilst avoiding the drone that often comes with an inferior system.

Whether you’re after a full system or just a back box, with a Remus exhaust, you know that you’re going to receive a top-quality product. In fact, Remus are so sure of their manufacturing processes and the materials they use that the majority of their products carry a lifetime warranty. If you’re in the market for a new exhaust, you can be sure that you’ll instantly notice the difference with a Remus – because it’s going to give your car or bike a whole new growl. That’s why so many race teams are proud to wear the trademark Remus wolf’s head; and trust them to supply performance exhaust systems of the very highest quality.

RemusPerformance   RemusMotorcycle                
Remus Performance   Remus Motorcycle                
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