Revo Tecknik Performance

Revo Technik Performance

Established in 2002 Revo are now very well known among motoring enthusiasts offering a comprehensive range of kit for tuning VAG, Ford and now Porsche engines. Their range covers everything from some of the most aggressive software remaps on the market to the hardware you will want if you are tuning an engine for big power.

What makes Revo different is the in depth expertise they bring to each vehicle they offer products for. Their high performance fuel pump is a good example. At a certain point when remapping an engine the stock fuel pump can no longer supply enough fuel. So as to ensure that their higher output remaps work properly and consistently Revo source and offer a unit that they know offers the performance and reliability they require. This means that they can properly optimise their Stage 2 and up remaps for the most power possible without having to compromise.

This top-to-bottom approach and their growing range of hardware means you can decide exactly much power you want with everything from simple remaps to full-fledged turbo upgrades possible.

Revo TechnikAir Filters & Accessories   Revo TechnikBody Styling & Exterior Accessories   Revo TechnikBrakes   Revo TechnikChips & Tuning   Revo TechnikCooling System   Revo Technik Engine Components
Revo Technik Air Filters & Accessories   Revo Technik Body Styling & Exterior Accessories   Revo Technik Brakes   Revo Technik Chips & Tuning   Revo Technik Cooling System   Revo Technik Engine Components
Revo TechnikEngine Tuning Parts & Accessories   Revo TechnikExhausts   Revo TechnikFuel System   Revo TechnikGifts & Gift Vouchers   Revo TechnikSuspension   Revo Technik Turbo Tuning
Revo Technik Engine Tuning Parts & Accessories   Revo Technik Exhausts   Revo Technik Fuel System   Revo Technik Gifts & Gift Vouchers   Revo Technik Suspension   Revo Technik Turbo Tuning
Revo TechnikWheels   Revo TechnikEngine & Gearbox Mounts                
Revo Technik Wheels   Revo Technik Engine & Gearbox Mounts                
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