Welcome to our incredible range of Sparco Parts, Equipment and Clothing.

The Sparco Brand was first conceived in 1977 by a pair of racing drivers that shared a passion for Motorsport safety. In 1978 they created their first race suit, and production began on other items of safety clothing, including racing boots, race gloves and motorsport helmets. Sparco’s popularity and strength continually grew and in 1983 they won their first of many F1 world championships. Additionally, in the same year, the World Rally Championship winning Lancia was fitted with Sparco seats. It was these victories amongst many others that cemented their presences in the motorsport world.

At Demon Tweeks we began our relationship with Sparco by becoming their first UK outlet. Over time Sparco went from strength to strength and quickly grew, producing more and more products for the motor racing industry, and so did our partnership with them. We are very proud to be the Largest Sparco dealer in Europe, stocking their mammoth range which has become synonymous with all forms of motorsport racing and performance car tuning.

From their huge choice of highly regarded Motorsport clothing, to their range of Fire extinguishers. Sparco's selection of motorsport saftety equipment is one that is hard pressed to be beaten.

SparcoMotorsport   SparcoKarting   SparcoPerformance   SparcoMotorcycle   SparcoMX-Off-Road   Sparco Tools & Workshop
Sparco Motorsport   Sparco Karting   Sparco Performance   Sparco Motorcycle   Sparco MX-Off-Road   Sparco Tools & Workshop
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